Cardiac Risk in the Young

Since its formation in 1995, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) has been working to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). CRY supports young people diagnosed with potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions and offers bereavement support to families affected by YSCD. CRY promotes and develops heart screening programmes and funds medical research. CRY publishes and distributes medical information written by leading cardiologists for the general public. CRY funds specialist referral, screening and cardiac pathology services at leading UK hospitals.

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7th EAPC Sports Cardiology course & Cardiac Risk in the Young International Conference

The great Sports Cardiology debates

• Top experts from around the globe

• Case-based scenarios informing your clinical practice

• Interactive debates and case presentations with audience participation through MCQs and Q&As

• The great ECG and Imaging quizzes – Interactive interpretation with the audience

If you are interested in registering for the 7th EAPC Sports Cardiology course & Cardiac Risk in the Young International Conference


We are pleased to announce that the 7th EAPC Sports Cardiology Course & CRY International Conference, London, United Kingdom has been accredited by the EACCME® and granted 8 European CME credits.

  • 14 Oct
  • 9:00 am America/New_York
  • 2D

CRY Conference 2020
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open video

Assessment of athletes post myocarditis; What does the MRI add? - Dr Sabiha Gati

open video

Athlete’s heart or dilated cardiomyopathy; The role of exercise imaging

open video

Case 6 Ventricular tachycardia in an athlete - Dr Chris Miles

open video

COVID-19 and the athlete’s heart; When to worry and what to advise - Dr Michael Papadakis

open video

The veteran athlete’s coronary arteries; What to expect - Professor Mats Borjesson

open video

Troponin release post endurance exercise; What does it mean? - Professor Thijs Eijsvogels

open video

Ventricular ectopy in athletes made simple - Professor Domenico Corrado

open video

Challenges of screening in athletes; The black athlete’s heart revisited - Dr Aneil Malhotra

open video

Dr Efstathios Papatheodorou Case 4 HCM