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PFO Closure




Review of current guidelines and recommendations >> Christian Pristipino
Small PFO’s and cryptogenic stroke-should they be left alone or closed? >> Lars Sondergaard
3 decades of PFO closure-what have we learned about devices? >> Niki Walker
Alternative devices-suture mediated closure >> Horst Sievert
Should we accept residual shunts after PFO closure? >> Matthew Daniels
Which patients are at greatest risk for AF after PFO closure and should we worry? >> Mark Turner
PFO closure for primary prevention, is now the time? >> Bernhard Meier

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Horst Sievert

A consultant cardiologist at CardioVascular Center, Frankfurt, Germany. Features in 63 videos on...

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John Thomson

Dr John Thomson is a Consultant Cardiologist accredited in the practice of congenital heart...

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Lars Sondergaard

Professor Lars Søndergaard is a consultant cardiologist at Rigshospitalet – Copenhagen, Denmark....

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Matthew Daniels

A consultant cadiologist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK. Features...

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Shakeel Qureshi

A consultant pediatric cardiologist at Guys and St Thomas's NHS Trust, London, UK. Features in 46...

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