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The International Cardio-Oncology Society is a committed group of professionals throughout the world who are striving to protect the cardiovascular health of all patients who are undergoing cancer therapy. By optimizing the cardiac status of patients with cancer before, during and after their treatment, we are collectively improving the overall outcomes including survival and quality of life. We aim to provide the latest scientific and clinical education and research for anyone treating patients with cancer in the hopes of enhancing cardiovascular protection.

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GCOS 2021 - Virtual

  • 4H 45M

Global Cardio-Oncology Summit will summarize the latest research and best practices in Cardio-Oncology, a multidisciplinary speciality that has gained a growing interest from a large number of healthcare providers including oncologists, cardiologists, radiologists, nurses, pharmacists, and basic scientists. Hand in hand with leading experts, G-COS aims is to improve our knowledge of the role of diagnostic and management tools to mitigate cardiotoxicity risk, while maintaining effective cancer therapies.

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