PRONOUNCE TRIAL : Behind the scenes, overview, discussion, and lessons learned.

70 views | 23 Sep 2021

The International Cardio-Oncology Society is a committed group of professionals throughout the world who are striving to protect the cardiovascular health of all patients who are undergoing cancer...

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Dra. Macedo is an assistant physician and coordinator of the cardio-oncology clinic at Santa Casa de São Paulo School...

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A cardio-oncologist at Brazilian Clinical Research Institute, Săo Paulo, Brazil. Features in 2 videos on Wondr...

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Dr Lenihan has been active in cardio-oncology and heart failure, for over 20 years. The main focus of these efforts...

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Dr Renato D Lopes is currently the Director of Clinical Events Classification (CEC) and the Co-Director of the...

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Dr. Stephen Casselli is an executive director at International Cardio-Oncology Society.

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