Optimizing PCI 2020 - Session III: Simplifying Advanced Coronary Physiology

155 views | 10 Nov 2020

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Optimizing PCI (O-PCI) is a series of educational meetings dedicated to helping cardiologists optimize decision-making in interventional cardiac procedures using state-of-the-art intravascular...

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User Dr. Ajay Kirtane uploaded avatar

Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, SM, is a Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and Director of the Cardiac...

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User Akiko Maehara uploaded avatar

Dr. Maehara is the Director of the Intravascular Imaging Core Laboratory at the CRF Clinical Trials Center. She is...

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Andrew Berke, MD, has been an interventional cardiologist at St. Francis Hospital for 30 years. He received his...

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User Dr. Thomas Pappas uploaded avatar

Thomas Pappas, MD, is Director of St. Francis Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. In this capacity, he...

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User Dr. Ziad Ali uploaded avatar

Ziad Ali is the Director of the DeMatteis Cardiovascular Institute, Director of Investigational Interventional...

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