iCTO Virtual Meeting 24th June 2021 – Part 2

6 views | 21 Jul 2021
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User Alfonso Jurado Román uploaded avatar

Dr Alfonso Jurado-Román is currently Interventional cardiologist at La Paz University Hospital (Madrid). He was...

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User Ana Serrador uploaded avatar

An interventional cardiologist at University Clinical Hospital of Valladolid, Valladolid. Spain. Features in 9 videos...

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User Ander Regueiro uploaded avatar

Dr Ander Regueiro is an Interventional Cardiologist trained at Hospital Clínic in Barcelona and IUCPQ in Canada. He...

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User Ignacio Amat Santos uploaded avatar

An interventional cardiologist at Valladolid University, Spain. Features in 15 videos on Wondr Medical. Ignacio Amat...

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User Javier Goicolea uploaded avatar

Dr Javier Goicolea is chief of Interventional Cardiology at Hospital Puerta de Hierro/Majadahonda in Madrid, Spain. ...

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User José Antonio Fernández Díaz uploaded avatar

Dr José Antonio Fernández Díaz is in Interventional cardiologist at Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro,...

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User João Brum Silveira uploaded avatar

João Brum Silveira is a Director of Cardiac Catheteterization and Interventional Cardiology - CHUP - HSA, Porto; He...

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User Dr. Nieves Gonzalo uploaded avatar

Dr Nieves Gonzalo is Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Interventional Cardiology Department at Clinico...

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User Pedro Cardoso uploaded avatar

An interventional cardiologist at Clinica St Antonio, Hospital Lusíadas, Lisboa. Features in 3 videos on Wondr...

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User Pierre Deharo uploaded avatar

Dr Pierre Deharo is an interventional cardiologist specialized in complex coronary interventions at CHU La Timone,...

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User Soledad Ojeda uploaded avatar

An interventional cardiologist at University hospital in Córdoba, Spain. Features in 5 videos on Wondr Medical....

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