Podium 1st: The EVRA trial

8 views | 30 Aug 2018
Initials AD of Alun Davies AD

A professor of vascular surgery at Imperial College, London, UK. Features in 3 videos on Wondr Medical. Alun Davies...

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Initials DE of David Epstein DE

A vascular surgeon at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Features in 2 videos on Wondr Medical....

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Initials FH of Francine Heatley FH

A trials manager at Imperial College Clinical Trials Unit, London, UK. Features in 1 video on Wondr Medical. Francine...

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User Manj Singh Gohel uploaded avatar

A consultant vascular surgeon at Imperial College, London, UK. Features in 4 videos on Wondr Medical. Manj Singh...

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