Mittagssymposium-CVRx Inc. Baroreflexstimulation Hypertonie & Herzinsuffizienz

1,058 views | 16 Mar 2022
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Barostim™ Baroreflex Activation Therapy is a new option for patients with heart failure that utilizes the carotid baroreflex to target autonomic imbalance in the cardiovascular system.

Initials DM of Dr Michael Knaut DM

He attended medical school at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. Since 1996, Prof Dr Knaut has worked at...

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Initials MO of Martin Oberhoffer MO

A cardiac surgeon at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Herz-/ Thorax-/ Gefäßchirurgie. Features in 1 video on Wondr...

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Initials TM of Tomas Madej TM

Works at Klinik fuer Herzchirurgie - Herzzentrum Dresden Universitaetsklinik B. Hansky. Features in 1 video on Wondr...

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