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Case 1 - Transcaval TAVR for AI



Moderator 1: Markus Kasel, MD

  1. Robert Lederman, MD
  2. Jason Foerst, MD
  3. Scott Chadderdon, MD
  4. Paul Mahoney, MD (Talk: “Alternative access in 2024”)
  5. Robert Laham, MD

  1. Isida Byku, MD
  2. Chandan Devireddy, MD
  3. Gaetano Paone, MD

In-Lab Moderator: George Hanzel, MD

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Chandan Devireddy

Dr. Devireddy is an Associate Professor of medicine of Interventional Cardiology at Emory...

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Gaetano Paone

Dr. Gaetano Paone is a member of the Emory Structural Heart and Valve Center, where he focuses on...

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George Hanzel

George S. Hanzel, MD has joined Emory Healthcare and Emory University School of Medicine as an...

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Isida Byku

Isida Byku, MD, FACC is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University, specializing in...

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Jason Foerst

Dr. Jason Foerst is an Associate Professor in Cardiology at Virginia Tech-Carilion School of...

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Markus Kasel

Specialties: Catheter-based interventional heart valve procedures (TAVI and TEER with clip...

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Paul Mahoney

Dr. Paul Mahoney is the Director of the Structural Heart and Complex High Risk Intervention...

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Robert J. Laham

Roger J. Laham, MD is a high-volume Interventional cardiologist and proliferative scientist. He...

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Robert Lederman

Dr Lederman is the chief of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Intervention at the NHLBI Division...

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Scott Chadderdon

Dr. Scott Chadderdon, M.D., is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of...

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