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Case 3 - Evoque TTR - Imaging Focused Tricuspid Intervention



Moderator: Burkhard Mackensen, MD

  1. Scott Chadderdon, MD
  2. Joe Xie, MD – (Talk: “How I plan my Tricuspid/Mitral intervention”)
  3. Stephen H. Little, MD (Talk: “How I guide my Tricuspid/Mitral intervention”)
  4. George Hanzel, MD
  5. Justin Strote, MD
Echo Imager: Patrick T. Gleason, MD

Interventional Operators:
  1. Vasilis C. Babaliaros, MD
  2. Adam B. Greenbaum, MD

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Adam Greenbaum

Adam Greenbaum, MD, joined Emory after serving at Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute in...

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Burkhard Mackensen

G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE, is the Professor and Chair in the Department of...

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George Hanzel

George S. Hanzel, MD has joined Emory Healthcare and Emory University School of Medicine as an...

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Joe Xie

Dr. Joe Xie is an Assistant Professor at Emory University / Emory Healthcare, specializing in...

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Initials JS of Justin Strote JS

Justin Strote

Justin Strote is a medical doctor.

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Patrick T. Gleason

Dr. Patrick T. Gleason is an Assistant Professor at Emory University / Emory Healthcare,...

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Scott Chadderdon

Dr. Scott Chadderdon, M.D., is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of...

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Stephen H. Little

Dr. Stephen H. Little is the immediate past-president of the American Society of...

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Vasilis Babaliaros

Vasilis Babaliaros, MD is Professor of Medicine and Surgery at Emory University School of...

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