Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment and educational opportunities for physicians, scientists, nurses, and medical professionals to discuss and teach advanced techniques, improve clinical knowledge, and enhance the ability to provide excellent patient care, which ultimately improves patient health outcomes. To that end, the education program has strived to meet this goal educating and training the local, regional, and national medical community on the most recent advancements in medical science and research.

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Dallas PCI: Coronary imaging and physiology

  • 6H 15M

This Programme will be an independent education program for the purpose of educating physicians and allied health. FACET, the program coordinator, will have the sole responsibility for content and program design. Upon conclusion of the Dallas PCI: Imaging and Physiology program, participants should be able to:

  • Assess indications, use, and limitations of coronary physiology and imaging in everyday practice.
  • Evaluate peri-procedure management of patients with complex coronary artery disease.
  • CAD and PCI in the COVID-19 era: An international insight.

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