The One Minute Clinic on FFR: Unexplained chest pain in patient in renal faliure with prior negative physiology in CAD

24 views | 02 Jul 2021

Dr. Kern is currently the Chief of Cardiology, Veterans Administration Long Beach Heath Care System and staff interventional Cardiologist. His research interests include coronary blood flow,...

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Morton J. Kern, MD, MSCAI, FAHA, FACC Chief of Cardiology, VA Long Beach Health Care System, Long Beach,...

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Dr. Hamid Sharif Khan

Nice one Prof Kern. Surgeons usually ask us if their LIMA can work on intermediate kind of LAD lesions crossfilling a large sized RCA CTO? Can physiology help as we all know the FFR/iFR value can be falsely significant due to increase in the LV supplied by the LAD