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The CTO Training Pathway

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CTO PCI training at both beginner and advanced levels. Cases to be performed by a junior CTO operator, supervised by a senior CTO expert, with a panel discussion about techniques and challenges.
Hosted by Optima Education


  1. Just starting in CTO?: 5 key fundamentals in 5 minutes - Dr. John Hung
  2. Case 1 - Tortuous Circumflex Artery Occlusion, Dr. Julian Strange & Dr. John Hung
  3. Understanding equipment – what are the basics? - Dr. Amy Bailey
  4. Case 2 - Complex Right Coronary Artery Occlusion, Prof. James Spratt & Dr. Amy Bailey
  5. How to keep learning - Dr. Claudia Cosgrove
  6. Intravascular Imaging: foundational or window dressing - Dr. Pierre Deharo
  7. How to create an optimal learning environment. Managing the transition: moving to the hot seat - Dr. Simon Wilson
  8. Virtual proctoring, the future? - Dr. Claudiu Ungureanu
  9. Event close with Julian and James

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Amy Bailey

Amy Bailey is a fellow at St. George's Hospital London, London, UK.

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Claudia Cosgrove

Claudia Cosgrove is an interventional cardiologist working at St George’s Hospital in London. She...

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Claudiu Ungureanu

Claudiu Ungureanu is a head of catheterization unit at Jolimont Hospital, Belgium.

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User James Spratt uploaded avatar

James Spratt

Prof James C Spratt has global experience in training physicians in complex and CTO PCI. He is...

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John Hung

John Hung is an Interventional Fellow at St. George's Hospital, London, UK

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Julian Strange

An interventional cardiologist at University Hospital of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Features in 17...

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Pierre Deharo

An assistant professor in cardiology and consultant interventional cardiologist at CHU La Timone,...

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Simon Wilson

An interventional cardiologist at St George's Hospital, London UK. Features in 12 videos on Wondr...

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