Coronary CTO Management Strategies

185 views | 10 Sep 2020

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Philips offers a variety of live courses and on-demand programs led by leaders in the coronary vascular community which allow you to discover Philips’ cardiology solutions and are designed to...

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Dr. AK does his best to treat patients on the basis of appositeness of the procedure and not technical intricacy. He...

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Dr. Shen has been engaged in cardiovascular disease for 20 years, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of coronary...

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Dr. Gao Dengfeng is a young member of the local disease branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a young member of...

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Dr Justin Davies is founder and CEO of Wondr Medical, inventor of iFR, and clinical academic and consultant...

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Dr. Muhammad Munawar is interventional cardiologist, Chairman of Medical Committee of Binawaluya Cardiac Center...

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