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The future of hypertension. Adopting tomorrow’s technologies today

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In this final discussion, the leaders ask the physicians to explain new treatment pathways that are available for Hypertensive patients – specifically Renal Denervation. The physicians then ask the leaders about adoption of new technologies (like RDN) and how they demonstrated the value of this technology, and what hurdles they needed to overcome to get underway.

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Chris Kane

General Manager at Saolta University Health Care Group, Ireland.

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Faisal Shariff

Prof Faisal Sharif is Professor in Translational Cardiovascular Medicine and Innovation at NUI,...

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Jordi Ara del Rey

Managing Director, Northern Metropolitan Territorial Manager; Catalan Health Institute (ICS),...

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Oriol Rodriguez

Interventional Cardiologist specialised in CTO, Intracoronay Image, Intracoronary Phisiology,...

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