CPI – Canadian Coronary Physiology and Invasive Imaging Symposium
TIC – Tremblant Interventional Cardiology
EIC – Excellence in Interventional Cardiology
These symposiums are designed to update the Cardiologist, Interventional Cardiologist, and Cardiac Surgeon on the latest developments in the field of interventional cardiology. A strong review of different hot topics and recent progress in interventional cardiology. Presentations on evidence-based and practical clinical approaches on diagnosis and treatment by an expert international faculty.



Saturday February 6, 2021

13:00 – Opening Remarks

Moderator: Erick Schampaert, MD
Coronary Physiology: What’s New in 2021
Morton Kern, MD – Long Beach, CA

13:20 – Case Presentation
PCI: Physiology versus Anatomy
Laurent Jamart, MD – Montreal, QC

Coronary Imaging: What’s New in 2021
Ziad Ali, MD – New York, NY

13:55 – Case Presentation
OCT in STEMI Involving a Bifurcation Lesion
Bryan Har, MD – Calgary, AB

Moderator: James Velianou, MD
Ischemia Trial: Controversies and Agreements
Eric Cohen, MD – Toronto, ON

14:30 – Case Presentation
Solving the Mystery of Recurrent MI with Intra-Coronary Imaging and Transcatheter Biopsy
Wael Sumaya, MD – Halifax, NS

DES Evidence in HBR (High Bleeding Risk)
Simon Robinson, MD – Victoria, BC

15:05 – Case Presentation
Triple Trouble
Michael Tsang, MD – Hamilton, ON

Moderator: Raoul Bonan, MD
Structural Heart – Update from TCT & London Valves 2020
Anita Asgar, MD – Montreal, QC

15:40 – Case Presentation
When an Acute Syndrome Challenges You
Maude L-Desjardins, MD – Edmonton, AB

Coronavirus Angiotensin and Inflammation
Richard Marchand, MD – Montreal, QC

16:30 – Case Presentation
Alcohol to Treat Palpitations?
JD Schwalm, MD – Hamilton, ON

16:55 – Closing Remarks


Course Directors

Raoul Bonan

Doctor Raoul Bonan has been working as an interventional cardiologist at the Montreal Heart...

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Erick Schampaert

Prof Erick Schampaert is a Professor of Medicine, University of Montreal. He has been...

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James Velianou

James Velianou, MD, FRCPC,Interventional Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences, Niagara Health...

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Morton Kern

Dr. Kern is Chief of Medicine, VA Long Beach Health Care System, Professor of Medicine,...

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Ziad Ali

Ziad Ali is the Director of the DeMatteis Cardiovascular Institute, Director of Investigational...

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Anita Asgar

Works at Montreal Heart Institute, Outremont, QC, Canada. Features in 1 video on Wondr Medical....

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Eric Cohen

Dr. Eric Cohen received his BSc from University of Toronto in mathematics and computer science,...

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Simon Robinson

Dr Simon Robinson has been an interventional cardiologist at the Royal Jubilee Hospital Victoria...

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Richard Marchand

Dr. Richard Marchand , MD is a physician specializing in medical microbiology and infectious...

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