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ASEAN Pacific Bifurcation Club - 1st Asia-Pacific Bifurcation Webinar

  • 3H 10M

1st Asia-Pacific Bifurcation Webinar is the premier international course focusing on State-of-art bifurcation PCI.
Leading and world renowned international faculties from Asia-Pacific region will present hot topics in bifurcation PCI, and will share their complex or interesting cases. Thirty intervention specialists from Asia-Pacific region including South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand , Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia will participate to share various opinions and freely discuss the treatment of bifurcation lesions in this webinar.


• Understanding the major strategies in PCI for coronary bifurcation lesion
• Application of evidence-based intervention in your cath laboratory
• Case-based learning of tip and tricks from Bifurcation experts

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