Complex anatomical subsets (I)

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User Prof. Javier Escaned uploaded avatar

Prof Javier Escaned is Head of Interventional Cardiology Section at Hospital Clinico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain). He...

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User Dr. Justin Davies uploaded avatar

Dr Justin Davies is founder and CEO of Wondr Medical, inventor of iFR, and clinical academic and consultant...

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User Nieves Gonzalo uploaded avatar

Dr Nieves Gonzalo is Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Interventional Cardiology Department at Clinico...

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Dr Roberto Garbo is an Interventional Cardiologist in Maria Pia Hospital GVM Care & Research, Turin, Italy. He is a...

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Dr. Davit Dzindzibadze
Medical Doctor, Sc Rustavi Central Hospital

thanks for very good presentations!

Initials ST of Szuster Tech ST
Mr. Szuster Tech
Medical Doctor, Biocor

Hi. There is some role of Stent Boost in this type (calcified ) of lesion. Thanks.  Eduardo Szuster