Essential skills: How to Determine the Cardiac Axis

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Cardiac Axis 

This is a somewhat overcomplicated concept and is frequently irrelevant to clinical practice. There are only three main areas where identifying cardiac axis has clinical...

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Dr Sharp qualified from Edinburgh Medical School in 1998. He was appointed as a Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal...

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Dr Carlos A Selmonosky

R ups Left.  Looking at each other Right

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Professor Chris Gale


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Dr Aboobacker N Kunnil


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Mrs. Maryam Dast

A piece of cake!!! Informative & easy to understand . Thank you so much.

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DR Yamilah Bouzid


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Sherrif Gerald Peralta

Simple and straightforward

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Dr. Abdul Gaffar

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Dr. Abdul Gaffar

Thank you for simple but informative tutorial on ECG

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Shwe Yamin Au

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It ' s bast for me

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JaneAlam Riaz Sohaila Alam


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Vishnu Agarwal

Easy to revise.

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Oukeo KV

very good

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Dr. Mar Htay

Very clear discussion and useful in practice.Thankyou doctor.

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Pervin Surti

Very valuable information thankyou Doctor

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Vladimir Kolesnik

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Yulia Drob

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Dhananjay Punekar

Nice information

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Dr. Aamir Amin

Thank you for this lovely lecture !

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Maria Sabatini

Pacing ecg

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Dr. Elizabeth Goh

Easy to understand and gets your attention for the whole 20 mins

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Harol Felipe García Arévalo

really good class

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Dr Neeraj Manikath

wonderfully simple for undergraduate teaching