Terminology – iFR, FFR, CFR, HSR what do all the abbreviations mean?

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Dr Sayan Sen discussess physiological index terminology and what all the abbreviations actually mean. This presentation provides simple explanations to aid your understanding of all...

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A consultant/attending. Features in 94 videos on Wondr Medical. SAYAN SEN generally speaks on Fractional Flow Reserve...

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Dr. Davit Dzindzibadze

very interesting, thanks. I just wonder how could I manage to be present on such seminars, what should I do for that?

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Dr Aboobacker N Kunnil

My purpose is refresher . Thanks

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Dr. Pavel Gertsberg


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Dr. Shashi Sharma

Add more detailed topics, pls

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Dr. marian barnes

interested in all aspects of human cardiology

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Dr Mustafa Naqa
Occupational health physician

My purpose is further Education. Thanks

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Dr Syed Rashid

Nice education

[JD] - Thanks for the comments. Please keep them coming.

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Александр Минко

Excellent thank you very much

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Dr. R.Meenal Rajakannu


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Dr. Pervaiz Awan


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Marwa Ali


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Marwa Ali

I need the referanse or jurnals , papers or any think that relevant in the subject

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Marwa Ali

Pelvis cancer and treatment in intensity modulated radiation therapy and evaluation the dose coverage of normal tissue

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najeeb bugti