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Complex PCI course (Madrid April 2019)

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Carlos Collet

Carlos Collet Bortone completed his education as interventional cardiologist at the Dante...

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Enrico Cerrato

Dr Enrico Cerrato is Consultant interventional Cardiologist at San Luigi Gonzaga University and...

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Goran Stankovic

Prof Goran Stankovic is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Faculty of...

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Hernan Mejia-Renteria

Dr. Hernán Mejía-Rentería is an Interventional Cardiologist at the Department of Cardiology,...

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Javier Escaned

Prof Javier Escaned is Head of Section (Interventional Cardiology Section) at Hospital Clinico...

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Justin Davies

Dr Justin Davies is a honorary 
interventional cardiologist at Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial...

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Maciej Lesiak

Prof Maciej Lesiak is Head of the 1st Department of Cardiology in Poznan Medical University and a...

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Mauro Echavarria Pinto

Dr Mauro Echavarría Pinto is an Interventional cardiologist and currently works at “ISSSTE“...

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Nieves Gonzalo

Dr Nieves Gonzalo is Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Interventional Cardiology...

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Robert-Jan Van Geuns

Works at Thorax Centre Erasmus MS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Features in 15 videos on Wondr...

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