Dr. Sunao Nakamura

Medical Doctor
New Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


Dr Sunao Nakamura is one of the most experienced interventional cardiologist Japan. He had performed more than 25,000 cases of PCI and 10,000 cases of chronic total occlusion (CTO) which is a biggest numbers in the world. He has a very unique background as a researcher; studying about cellular electro-physiology for 6 years and clinical sciences for 4 years in his younger days. After that he suddenly changed his main field of cardiology; Interventional cardiology with respect of Prof. Shigeru Saito ; who was active in the leadership position in Asia region, Dr. Nakamura worked disseminate PCI in Asia from his age early 30s and experienced living a half of the year in foreign countries. As a result of through these actives over the years, he has built good relations with many doctors who share the same goals all over the world. His motto is that patients around the world should be saved not only we think about the patients who come here to our hospital by sharing each other’s skills and knowledge. He is also fully engaged in the leading edge of clinical activities and researches, and at his New Tokyo Hospital, many clinical and basic studies are conducted every year, and about 30 papers are published annually. Especially in close relation with Professor Antonio Colombo, Italy, our young doctors who received his guidance are active not only as a physician but also as a medical scientist in New Tokyo Hospital. His dream is to make the world's leading heart center capable of medical research from basic to clinical.


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