Dr. Tim van de Hoef

Medical Doctor
Amsterdam Umc, University Of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Tim van de Hoef, MD, PhD, FESC, is an interventional cardiology fellow at the Amsterdam UMC - VU Medical Center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). He has been involved in intracoronary physiology research since 2010, and his research has covered the wide spectrum of intracoronary physiology assessed by means of invasive coronary pressure and flow measurements, ranging from functional stenosis severity appraisal to assessment of microvascular function in both stable coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndromes. He obtained a PhD (Cum Laude) in invasive coronary physiology in 2015. He has (co-)authored over 90 papers on the topic of coronary physiology, and his recent research has focused on the use of basal conditions for the assessment of epicardial stenosis severity, and the combined assessment of epicardial and microvascular disease to optimize diagnosis and risk-stratification in ischemic heart disease.


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