I Am Not a Statistic. The Human Element of the Beating Cancer Plan

43 views | 19 Nov 2021

Welcome! From here you can access useful information and resources from the European Cancer Organisation, its European Cancer Summit 2022, Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups and Community...

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European Cancer Organisation Survivorship and Quality of Life Network Co-Chair

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Dr. Csaba L. Dégi is Board Member, at the European Cancer Organisation and Survivorship and Quality of Life Network...

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Luzia Travado, PhD, MSc, ClinPsych, is clinical health psychologist specialized in Psycho-oncology. She is clinician...

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Markus Kosch, MD, is the head of Oncology Europe at Daiichi Sankyo. In this role, he leads the medical affairs,...

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Why do certain people manage to stay focused even in difficult times while others are overwhelmed? What do these...

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Matthew Loscalzo, L.C.S.W., APOS Fellow is an Executive Director, People & Enterprise Transformation Emeritus...

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EUPATI fellow with significant experience in patient advocacy, patient education and service provision in the field...

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Dr. Stein Kaasa's main research interests are: Clinical research in cancer care – including oncology, palliative...

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