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IC-OS Weekly Webinar - Managing Hypertension During TKI Therapy Part II

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IC-OS Weekly Webinar, Keynote presentations followed by discussion with a panel of experts fielding questions from faculty, and the live audience.


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Daniel Lenihan

Dr Lenihan has been active in cardio-oncology and heart failure, for over 20 years. The main...

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Joerg Herrmann

Dr. Joerg Herrmann graduated from Ruhr University medical school in Bochum, Germany and completed...

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Joseph Carver

Joseph R. Carver, MD, FACC is a Board Certified cardiologist. He is the Founding Editor of the...

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Vijay Rao

Dr. Vijay Rao is the Director of CardioOncology, Heart Failure, and Anticoagulation at Franciscan...

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