Penetrating CTO - From Cap to Completion

Penetrating CTO is a comprehensive, 16-part educational series, perfectly pitched for early career CTO operators. The program is designed and delivered by world experts to take you from deeper understanding of fundamental principles, through mastery of core techniques and to demystify more advanced and expert level approaches. Weekly modules are delivered as interactive sessions with global leaders in the field of CTO PCI.

Key Learning Points of the Program

  • Fundamental principles of CTO PCI including indications, patient selection, and setting up for success

  • Core CTO approaches including wire escalation, dissection re-entry and retrograde

  • Understanding key properties of specialised equipment, their advantages and limitations

  • Building confidence as an operator, and how to progress in the specialty

Course directors

Dr Sinjini Biswas

Sinjini Biswas is a newly appointed locum consultant cardiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute,...

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Dr John D Hung

Dr Hung is a Fellow in Interventional Cardiology, and the co-host of “Penetrating CTO – from cap...

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‎CTO Fellows Program is made in association with OPTIMA