Early Detection Saves Lives: Taking European Cooperation on Cancer Screening to the Next Level

31 views | 19 Nov 2020

Welcome! From here you can access useful information and resources from the European Cancer Organisation, its European Cancer Summit 2021, Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups and Community 365.

User Dolors Montserrat MEP uploaded avatar

Dolors Montserrat is a Member, EU Special Committee on Beating Cancer and Co-Chair, ENVI Committee Health Working...

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User Henricus J. de Koning uploaded avatar

Henricus J. de Koning is Deputy Head, Public Health and Screening Evaluation, Department of Public Health, Erasmus...

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User Isabel T. Rubio uploaded avatar

Isabel T. Rubio is the Co-Chair of the European Cancer Summit 2020, Board Member of the European Cancer Organisation,...

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User Jan Van Meerbeeck uploaded avatar

Jan van Meerbeeck is Board Member, European Cancer Organisation and Prevention Network Co-Chair. After obtaining his...

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User Padraic Ward uploaded avatar

Padraic Ward is Head of Commercial Operations, Roche. He joined the company in 2004 and has worked in a number of key...

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User Partha Basu uploaded avatar

Dr Partha Basu is Head, Screening Group, Early Detection and Prevention Section, International Agency for Research on...

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User Stefan Gijssels uploaded avatar

Stefan Gijssels is Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Digestive Cancers Europe, the umbrella...

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User Tit Albreht uploaded avatar

Professor Albreht is a Senior Health Services and Health Systems Researcher at the National Institute of Public...

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