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European Cancer Summit 2022

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Delivering Effective & Equitable Care Together

We are looking forward to this year’s European Cancer Summit focused on the most important topics in cancer for a wide-ranging discussion focused on delivery and collaboration. In these turbulent times, with huge pressures on cancer services across Europe, we are bringing together leading oncology experts, patient advocates, politicians and policy makers. We have an exciting programme and speaker line-up, so we can discuss the main issues impacting cancer policy, for the benefit of cancer patients, healthcare professionals and all people across Europe.

This year's Summit will be hosted in Brussels and we look forward to the majority of delegates joining in person, but will also be available to join virtually. We invite everyone interested to save the date – 16 & 17 November 2022.

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Time To Act. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer

The Time To Act campaign, with campaign materials available in over 30 languages, urges every country in Europe to achieve the promptest restoration of cancer services to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic from creating a new cancer epidemic in its wake.

Get involved in the Time To Act Campaign!

Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation

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We set up (or aiming to provide multilingual resources signposting Ukrainian cancer patients to relevant information available in different European countries receiving Ukrainian refugee cancer patients. To date, we have 30 countries displayed on the website.

Each country category contains sections with resources ranging from oncological treatment and medical assistance to psycho-social support and general information on safe travel options, housing, and employment.

New links and information can be included by emailing them to The more diverse content we receive, the more country categories and sections can be included.”

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As Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and EU Cancer Mission are now being implemented by the European Commission, with a number of EU4Health and HORIZON funding calls being launched regularly, we are coordinating some EU funded projects and participating in others, as a consortium member.

European Code of Cancer Practice – You have a right to:

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