Leave No One Behind: Advancing Health Equity in Cancer Care

46 views | 19 Nov 2021

Welcome! From here you can access useful information and resources from the European Cancer Organisation, its European Cancer Summit 2021, Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups and Community 365.

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Medical Oncologist & Scientist, Division Of Cancer Care And Epidemiology, Assistant Professor Of Public Health...

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Dr Claudia Allemani is Professor of Global Public Health at LSHTM. Her main interests are in international...

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Deepak Khanna is President Europe & Canada for MSD, responsible for MSD’s Human Health business across this region....

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User Diana Sarfati uploaded avatar

Professor Diana Sarfati (MBChB, MPH, PhD, FNZCPHM) is National Director of Cancer Control and Chief Executive of Te...

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Guillaume Dedet is a policy analyst at the OECD health division. He focuses his work on the analysis and comparisons...

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Hendrik Van Poppel, MD, PhD, graduated in General Surgery in 1980, in Urology in 1983 and joined the Academic Unit at...

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A co-ordinator, special committee on beating cancer (beca). Features in 1 video on Wondr Medical. Nicolae Stefanuta...

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Dr Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti is a medical oncologist working in the Breast Unit of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation...

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