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On 17 & 18 November, you will be able to access the European Cancer Summit 2021 virtual platform, as well as useful information and resources from the European Cancer Organisation, its Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups, Community 365 and Summit Supporters.

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European Cancer Summit 2021

From Plans to Action

Every year, at the European Cancer Summit, the European Cancer Organisation brings together leading oncology experts, experienced patient advocates, key opinion leaders, policy makers and politicians to discuss key issues in reducing the burden of cancer, saving, and improving the lives of patients and the public.

This year’s European Cancer Summit on 17 & 18 November will focus on the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Cancer Mission’s recommendations, including through the nine Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation.

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  • 17 Nov
  • 7:00 am America/New_York
  • 2D

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European Cancer Summit 2021 Declaration


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Time To Act. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer

The Time To Act campaign, with campaign materials available in over 30 languages, urges every country in Europe to achieve the promptest restoration of cancer services to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic from creating a new cancer epidemic in its wake.

Get involved in the Time To Act Campaign!

Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation

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European Cancer Summit 2021



  • ECO_Earlier is Better Advancing Cancer Screening and Early Detection_2021.pdf

  • ECO_Unlocking the Potential of Digitalisation in Cancer Care_2021.pdf

  • ERQCC_PancreaticCancer_2021.pdf

  • NSCLC with brain mets_Global Survey Report_Oct2021.pdf

  • Unlocking the Potential of Digitalisation in Cancer Care_2021.pdf

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    European Cancer Summit 2020 Report


    European Code of Cancer Practice – You have a right to:

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  • _ECO Annual Report 2020.pdf

  • A Four Step Plan for Eliminating HPV Cancers in Europe_2020.pdf

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  • ERQCC_Oesophageal Gastric Cancer_2018.pdf

  • ERQCC_Primary Care_2019.pdf

  • ERQCC_Prostate Cancer_2020.pdf

  • ERQCC_Soft Tissue Sarcoma_2017.pdf

  • EU Pharmaceutical Strategy_Consultation Response_2020.pdf

  • Europe Beating Cancer Plan_Consultation Response_2020.pdf

  • European Cancer Summit 2020 Report.pdf

  • Free from Cancer_Achieving Quality of Life for All Cancer Patients and Survivors_2020.pdf

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer_7-Point Plan_2020.pdf

  • Inequalities_Action Report_2020.pdf

  • Leave No One Behind_Delivering Innovation in Lung Cancer Care_2021.pdf

  • Strengthening Europe in the Fight Against Cancer_2020.pdf

  • The Requirements of a Specialist Breast Centre_2020.pdf

  • The Time to Act is Now_COVID-Cancer Workforce Action Report_June2021.pdf

  • Working Against Cancer_Action Report 2021.pdf